Government’s new plan to alleviate the HGV Shortage

According to the new government’s plans anyone with a driving licence could be allowed to drive articulated lorries without taking a test. Transport secretary Grant Shapps is considering to have talks about lifting the 3.5 ton vehicle ban for motorists in order to solve the still-ongoing driver’s shortage.

End of EU Directives Preventing car drivers from accessing haulage industry.

While in the past EU directives prevented us from changing these laws, now the UK Government can allow all car drivers the right to drive larger vehicles. In accordance with EU laws that was limited only to individuals who passed their test before the 1st of January 1997.

Grant Shapps is open to exploring this possibility in consultation without committing to any legislative changes at this stage.

The consultation is aimed to seek ”evidence on the economic benefits of widening the recruitment pool for medium-sized goods vehicles and minibus drivers, which may attract more people to the industry and support economic growth by further strengthening our supply chain”.

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Driver’s Retention a main cause of shortage

According to REC Brexit isn’t the only cause of a prevalent shortage of qualified drivers in the UK. A major impact on the current issues is the retention of the drivers in the industry. Most drivers tend to leave the workforce before reaching 45 years old. 40.000 drivers aged over 45 left the industry in the first quarter of 2021 alone.

While the government attempted a few solutions such as the introduction of temporary visas for EU workers, skill bootcamps and an increase of allowed working hours, the shortage is still prevalent across the industry. While a significant amount of money is being invested in the infrastructure, the effect will be visible after some time.

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