A cross party group of MPs ordered the logistics industry to improve facilities for HGV Drivers or face a new tax within the next couple years

After the severe shortage of HGV Drivers in the logistics sector caused fuel shortages and empty shelves in retail stores and supermarkets, a group of MPs called on the industry to improve the conditions for HGV Drivers. This includes overnight facilities with clean showers, food and space for female drivers as well as provide new training routes for drivers from more diverse backgrounds.

If these changes are not implemented, the most profitable parts of supply chain sector will be faced with new levy destined for improving these facilities by the government,

empty shelves

Will supply chain levy help the logistics sector?

“If the logistics industry won’t deliver change, government should do so and send them the bill via increased taxes to those who produce and sell and make the most profits.”

New supply chain levy would be targeted at big businesses such as big supermarkets and oil companies. These funds would be used to improve the standard of overnight facilities across the country as well as potentially provide funding for training of new drivers. Currently outside of government skill bootcamps the drivers need to fund their own training.

Why lorry drivers are leaving the industry?

The committee’s report found that the lack of high-quality rest facilities is one of the main reasons for the drivers to leave the industry. One of the main concerns mentioned by the drivers are poor and vandalised washing facilities, forcing drivers to stay in lay-bys instead and risking them being fined to do so.

The committee also encourages industry to employ more female drivers

Currently women make up around 1% of the workforce. That increases to 3% under 25s. This lack of diversity in employment severely limits the amount of recruits and holds the expansion of the haulage industry back.

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