We’ve all heard about the recent AI revolution, with the emergence of Chat GPT. This AI technology is now widely used by many industries to streamline their processes. It can also be a valuable tool for jobseekers, helping them to create a perfect CV based on their experience and tailor it to a particular role.

In this article, we’ll explore a few ways in which Chat GPT could assist you in your job seeking efforts.

Optimise and Review Your CV

To land your dream position, your CV needs to meet the criteria provided by the job description, especially when applying for a position that uses technology to filter through a large number of CVs.

You can use AI-powered tools to analyse the job description and help tailor your CV to match the requirements. While you could use Chat GPT for this purpose, other popular tools dedicated to this purpose are Rezi and Jobscan. These tools analyse the job description and your CV, creating optimised content which you can use to target the key requirements and keywords provided in the vacancy.

In addition, Chat GPT can review your CV and provide feedback on how to improve it. You can upload your CV and ask for a review; Chat GPT will then suggest any suitable changes.

Chat GPT Graphic

Interview Preparation

Chat GPT can prepare you for an interview by providing you with questions and feedback on your answers. You can simulate your job interview and ask this tool to provide feedback on your responses. It can help you improve your interview skills and feel more prepared during the actual interview.

Company Research

You can ask Chat GPT to provide you with information about a company’s profile, its employees, and other information that might affect your decision on whether the company is suitable for you or not. However, keep in mind that some of the information might be outdated or not available if the company is new to the market. Always cross-reference this information with your own research and don’t rely solely on AI for concrete or opinionated information about a business. With that being said, Chat GPT can really help to paint a picture of the company.

Job Search Assistance

Chat GPT can provide you with personalised recommendations based on your skills and experience. It can also recommend companies that are hiring in your field based on the information available in your CV.

Overall, Chat GPT can be a valuable tool in your job search. By leveraging its capabilities, you can improve your CV, find job openings that match your skills, prepare for job interviews, and make informed career decisions. Need further help? Contact our team today at info@industrialworksolutions.co.uk or 01524 840 622. You can also view our latest vacancies here