One of the main tasks as a candidate is to show the company you’re applying to that you understand their culture and needs. Even without desirable experience, transferrable skills can be highlighted to convince your future employer that you are a good choice.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the transferrable skills that will improve your resume and convince your potential employer to progress with your application.


Communication skills are crucial in achieving clarity and focus within the workplace. Make sure to bring plenty of examples of effective communication with your team, whether it’s in a place of education or your previous employment. This also includes written communication which is particularly important if you’re dealing directly with your clients. A professional demeanour will make you look more professional and therefore increase the company’s profile.


This trait proves that you have the ability to delegate and manage responsibilities. It’s one of the most crucial traits as it directly affects everyone in the company. It’s about building positive working relationships that help to achieve business objectives within the company.

Problem Solving

Demonstrating an analytical and logical approach to solving problems is crucial for working within a team. You might also show that you can approach any issues from different angles and mention any challenging examples you’ve encountered in your past employment.



Show your employer that you can prioritise, work productively and efficiently to provide a higher value to the business. If you’ve got any examples of managing multiple projects and meeting deadlines, don’t hesitate to mention those. Organisation is one of the most important skills within the workplace and many recruiters will look closely at this trait.

Ability to work under pressure

This skill is about you keeping calm in a crisis and not becoming stressed and overwhelmed. Despite that not every position requires this, it’s a good trait to mention and it directly connects to the previous three mentioned in this article. Handling stress well is crucial to efficiency, logical problem solving, and communication with your team.

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