Lancashire County Council along with Maple Grove Developments have submitted planning application for the ‘Lancashire Central’ site in Cuerden.

The new development is set to provide 1.7 million sq ft of floor space with a significant employment and economical benefits for the central Lancashire region.

Development plans would supply a significant space for research and development, offices, industrial and storage and distribution sites.

This will also include commercial infrastructure such as retail, food and drink outlets, gyms, health centre and leisure businesses to support the space. The key point of the proposal also includes 116 new homes in the area.

The site is set to provide a significant contribution to the local employment and economy

The site will enjoy a direct access to the motorway network, allowing businesses to reduce their logistical costs and as a result, grow and commit a significant investment in the local area.

According to the Lancashire County Council ”These proposals would create about 2400 job opportunities during the construction phases, and up to 5600 full time job opportunities once operational, across a wide range of positions, including higher skilled jobs.”

Local economy would also benefit from the estimated contribution of £390 million per year provided by the increased business activity in the area.

Local area will benefit from significant investment in infrastructure and sustainability.

Design of the site includes a number of sustainability initiatives as well as landscaping, and creation of ecological habitats on the site. These would include planting, ponds green spaces and open drainage. Other improvements will include expansion of local infrastructure such as roads, pedestrian and cycle routes.

”We have worked very closely with the county council and key stakeholders, to create a scheme which will benefit the local and regional areas both economically and through job creation and we look forward to working towards a positive outcome at committee, so we can hopefully begin work on the initial infrastructure work later this year.” said James Scott, development director at Maple Grove.

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