Kickstart Your Career as a HGV Driver

Do you like driving and the open road? Are you interested in travelling around the UK and Europe as a part of your job? This guide is for you!

With the substantial shortage of HGV Drivers in the United Kingdom, it’s the best time to jump on an opportunity to earn higher-than-average wages and kickstart your career in the logistics industry.

In addition to that, the government has announced free skills bootcamp programme allowing you to obtain your licence completely for free through a number of government-approved training providers all across the country.

Training Requirements

In order to begin your training for an HGV Driver, you must be 18+ and have a Valid UK Driving Licence. If your licence was obtained in another country, you must transfer it to the UK. The entire process of obtaining the HGV Licence might take from 8 to 10 weeks.

Types of Licenses

Category C1

Category C1 Van

Category C1 applies to the smallest vehicles. It allows you to drive vehicles weighing between 3500kg – 7500kg, with a trailer weighing up to 750kg. This usually applies to small delivery vans.

Category C (Class 2)

Category C HGV

Category C applies to vehicles with a rigid body (non-detachable trailer) weighing over 7500kg. These vehicles are most common around cities.

Category C+E (Class1)

HGV Lorry

Category C+E applies to vehicles with a weight of over 7500kg with a detachable trailer. These vehicles are used for transporting goods over long distances.

Steps to Get Your Own HGV Licence

In order to kickstart your career as an HGV Driver, you must pass and partake in a series of tests and examinations. These tests will be a part of your 8 to 10-week training programme.

Medical Examinations

Each potential driver must pass the medical examination in order to ensure that they don’t have any medical conditions that would pose danger and prevent them from driving safely. This examination consists of a brief conversation and a quick examination by a medical professional (most likely a GP). The doctor will fill in a DVLA report as a part of the process. This appointment will most often be booked for you by your training provider.

Theory Training and Examination

In order to become an HGV Driver, you need to take a theory test – similar to your regular car driving licence test. This examination will take the form of multiple-choice questions. The test will be taken in an official test centre. It is best to prepare yourself well for this test by taking multiple mock-tests beforehand.

Practical Training and Examination

Once you’ll pass your theory examination, you can get ready to partake in practical training. You’ll be training in an HGV Vehicle along with a certified instructor in order to give you the best possible chance of passing the practical examination. Once you’ll feel you are ready, you can book a test. Depending on your training package and provider, there might be additional costs for booking another try in the case of failure so get ready well before partaking in the practical test!

CPC Training

In order to drive an HGV Vehicle professionally, drivers must undertake and pass an additional examination known as the ‘Certificate of Professional Competence’. This training is aimed at increasing the knowledge and safety of the drivers on the road.

In order to obtain this qualification, you’ll need to partake in an additional multiple-choice theory and hazard tests followed by a case study theory examination. Then you’ll need to take a practical test along with safety questions and off-road exercises.

Once you’ll pass you will receive a CPC Card which is valid for a period of five years, Then you’ll have to take part in a refresher course which consists of 35 hours classroom-based work in order to refresh your knowledge and information.

Kickstart YOUR Career

Once you’ll pass all of your examinations, the road to become a professional HGV Driver is clear. Our country experiences a severe shortage of drivers so finding your first job shouldn’t be much of a problem!

If you’re looking for a reliable and experienced agency in the North-West don’t hesitate to contact our team at info@industrialworksolutions.co.uk for our available roles.

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