FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


How much do you charge?

Charges are based on various factors. We also make our charges fully transparent so you can rest assured there are no hidden charges.

How do you work out your charge rate?

We agree the hourly charge rate, add the on costs of national insurance, holiday pay and pension contributions, we then agree the hourly charge rate which is added in addition to the aforementioned costs.

How often do you invoice?

We issue our invoices weekly in arrears with payments normally 14 days from date of invoice – extended payment terms can be offered subject to agreement.

How do our candidates receive payment?

We have a dedicated Payroll team here at Industrial Work Solutions that takes care of all payroll throughout the week.

They pay candidates every Friday  (Weekly Pay) Following a timesheet submission from the client – This procedure is all done digitally using our CRM system and is very easy to use.

If a candidate isn’t suitable how long would it take you to replace the candidate or issue a refund?

We aim to replace the following working day, however, due to the current market conditions this is not always possible.

What due diligence do you have in place for qualifying candidates?

Each candidate is interviewed either face to face by Teams Meeting or telephone interview prior to enrolling with us and also prior to being submitted for a specific role. Right to work and ID checks are carried out and references requested and all candidates registered with us.  DBS / CTC clearance can also be carried out if required

How do you differ from any other agency?

We don’t necessarily differ from any other agency in as much as we will secure suitable staff for your business. However our aim is to be seen as an extension of your HR department rather than another agency and we will work with you to ensure that happens . We believe our strength lies is the service we offer, the relationships we build and the quality of staff we provide.

I have used agencies in the past for my recruitment but i’ve always found them expensive

 Industrial Work Solutions have been in business now for over 30 years, working with some of our clients for up to 20 years. We always take the time to understand the clients requirements and really how we can help you. We always aim to be competitive on the financial side within the current in market and we feel our service that we provided makes it worthwhile for your business.

I need 3 candidates for Monday can you help?

Our team of dedicated recruiters will always try to accommodate clients requests, even if it is late in the day. With a combined recruitment experience of over 100 years between our current recruiters you are sure to be in safe hands!


When do I get paid?

Candidates get paid every Friday by close of business. As a new employee you will work one week in hand and get paid the following week

What documents do I need to register?

Right to work within the UK (Passport or birth certificate with evidence of your national insurance number) and a bank account in your name

Do I have to pay you for your service?

Absolutely not – You should never be asked for payment for any recruitment services

Do I get holidays whilst employed on a temporary contract?

Yes, you get holiday allowance as a temporary employee.

Do I get paid the same as permanent staff at the same company?

That would depend on the role. You get paid the rate that is stipulated by the client. This may or may not be the same dependant on various factors such as experience or qualifications and length of service

Do you provide PPE?

If you do not already have PPE then it will provided by either ourselves or the company where you are placed. However, we do reserve the right to charge at cost for unreturned PPE

What PPE do I need?

Safety boots are generally required at all clients, any site specific PPE will be provided during site inductions.

Can IWS arrange transport?

We do have a number of positions that does include transport to and from work – Ask one of our consultants for more information if transport is an issue for you. 

Who do I contact if I have an issue with my pay?

You need to contact Ellis our Payroll administrator on 01524 840 622

Is my position secure ?

Industrial Work Solutions offer a number of employment solutions to our candidates and clients – the majority of our work is normally temporary to permanent meaning our clients will engage you for a set period e.g 13 weeks then offer you a permanent contract following that trial period.

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