Industrial Work Solutions acquired an ISO 9001-2005 certification. This means our business is compliant with the world-standard quality management system, improving the quality and consistency of our operations for both our business partners and our candidates.

ISO 9001 Certification Logo

What is ISO 9001 Quality Management System?

Quality Management System is a well-defined set of business processes. It provides pre-defined standards for the company’s products and services. It ensures that the business is operating to a consistently high standard with a necessity of measurement of performance and constant improvement of business operations within an operational environment.

What are the benefits of operating under Quality Management System?

By working with an ISO 9001 certified business you ensure that the service this business provides will be fulfilled with accordance to set standards and within operational capacity of the business. Think of it as a standard operating procedure!

Here we’ll highlight few benefits of the certification and how it affects our services.


By choosing a company compliant to the QMS, you’ll ensure that your service will be consistent and offered to a pre-defined standard. Documentation of the QMS allows the business to access information and deal with any ongoing issues by following a strict process. Therefore the business is no longer relying on individual knowledge and offers their services in the same standard to all of the recipients. In a nutshell – you can expect the same high-quality service every time!


Much of the focus of ISO 9001 standardisation is the improvement of the internal processes within the company. ISO certified company has processes to calculate lead and delivery times and contingencies in case any of these processes fails. This results in a speedy delivery of service for our clients and partner businesses.

Constant Improvements

As an ISO Certified Company, we are required to constantly seek ways to improve our service for our customers and business partners alike. This means lower cost as well as speedier and higher quality service for our clients.

Company Auditing

In order to comply with the ISO 9001 standardisation rules, an accredited company performs annual audits. These audits evaluate the company in terms of their quality plan. As a customer, it ensures that the accredited company is sticking to their quality commitments and will provide you with best service possible!

Highest Standards of Recruitment

As an ISO 9001 certified company, we can ensure the highest standard of our recruiting process for our business partners and clients alike. To find out more about our service and latest vacancies make sure to visit our website at www.industrialworksolutions.co.uk or contact our team!