In a post-covid work environment, companies are now more careful than ever in terms of recruitment commitments. Temporary and contractual jobs are now more prevalent, These opportunities often offer the necessary income and experience as well as ‘foot in the door’, leading to permanent employment and increased career opportunities.

In this article we’ll highlight the benefits of finding temporary work and how these opportunities can offer you an income, flexibility and varied experience, allowing you to grasp your dream opportunity in the future.


If you value flexibility in your life, temporary work might be the best solution for you! With temporary contracts, it’s much easier to take breaks or work around your schedule. You are in control of your time and many candidates often do not want to come back to a full-time permanent commitment!

Experience gain

Working on a temporary basis will greatly improve your CV. As a result it might make the difference between yes and no when you’ll decide to find something more permanent. Companies like the varied industry expertise. If you’ll show your potential employer that you’ve worked for a number of companies, they’ll be convinced that you have the necessary qualities in order to be successful.


The more people you know, the easier it’ll be for you to find your next temporary contract or even a permanent role. That’s where temporary jobs shine! You’ll meet several individuals from your industry across many different companies. Even if you’re not hired permanently straightaway, they might recall you and contact you in the future when permanent position becomes available.

Recruitment Agency Interview

Faster Hiring Process

Employers who advertise temporary positions often have to find the applicant as fast as possible. The speed of the hiring process offers an unique opportunity for candidates without enough experience to land the advertised position. Therefore you can gain first-hand experience in a role you’re not quite qualified for yet.

Better Pay

Quite often, temporary workers are offered higher-paid contracts in order to attract them to the role and off-set an unstable risk of temporary contract. Find out the basic permanent role rates within your industry and compare them to advertised temporary roles.

Temp to Perm schemes

Many employers offer a temp-to-perm schemes, allowing you to work throughout your probation period on temporary basis in order to progress into the permanent position. It’s a great way to start your way up in the company that does not advertise permanent positions straightaway.

Open your mind to more opportunities

Temporary contracts can often be a great gateway for gaining experience and grasping opportunities that otherwise would not be available. They often offer bigger pay and better flexibility. If you’re considering to switch to temporary work make sure to give our team a shout at info@industrialworksolutions.co.uk or visit our website at www.industrialworksolutions.co.uk for a list of our latest vacancies.