The Heysham 2 Nuclear plant is set to progress into the decommissioning process 2 years early following the board decision.

Heysham Power Plant

Heysham 2 Power Station

The Heysham site was opened in 1988 and produced enough energy to power all of UK for two and half years throughout this period. Despite the granted extension to operate until 2030, it was decided that the site will stop producing energy by 2028.

According to EDF Energy the Heysham 2 site will move into the decommissioning and defueling. The site is already operating well-beyond its planned 25-30 year operating life and became one of the most productive EDF nuclear power stations in the country.

Heysham Power Plant

Local Economic Impact

Local authorities and businesses across the Morecambe Bay expressed their concerns about the power plant closing early.

The Heysham 2 site employs over 750 members of staff and has an annual £40million per year wage bill which provides countless jobs for many local residents. The councillors state that the impact of the closure on the local economy is still unclear. The Decommissioning process will take a number of years providing the demand for skilled workers in the area. Discussions on who will occupy the site afterwards also already started however no viable proposition on what to do with the land were presented as of yet.

However, the councillors hope that the development and opening of the nearby Eden Project will relieve the economic burden following the power station closure and revitalise the area. The project is set to increase a number of visitors by 1 million per year.

The Heysham 1 power station is set to stop producing energy by 2024.

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