You went through the selection process and you’ve been invited for a job interview for your perfect role? Are you often anxious about the interview process? Don’t panic! We’ve prepared a handy guide with an array of useful tips in order to alleviate stress and prepare you for your interview.

Look the part!

While in a perfect world appearance shouldn’t matter, employers often base their opinions on the first impression. Therefore it’s imperative that your appearance is clean and fits the desired role. It is best to generally avoid too-casual approach (ripped jeans, headwear, worn trainers). If the role you’re applying for states that casual outfit is a part of company culture, you can dress smart-casual and use a well-fitting pair of jeans and smart shirt.

In other cases, the best safe-bet is to wear a classic business suit accompanied by the smart footwear and a tie. This shows that you’re serious about the opportunity and you’re going an extra-mile to secure your job role.

Research the company

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Make sure to familiarise yourself with the basic facts about the company you’re applying to. This can vary from latest figures, product launches, successes or even basic information about the offered services. The goal is to show your interviewer your preparedness and genuine interest about working for the company.

There are few things you can do to improve your research and stand-out against other candidates for the role.

Check the Website

Company’s website will highlight their services or products as well as their mission statement. It is imperative to know exactly how and what the company does for their customers and highlight that information throughout the interview

Find the Social Media

While website is useful to determine company’s official statements and offerings, social media will give you a glimpse in the daily activities of the potential employer. You can glance at the latest offerings, company successes or even the way they interact with their customers. This approach will reveal more about the company culture and can even provide indirect guidance about other aspects of your interview preparation.

Word of Mouth

Do you know anyone who works or worked for the business you’re applying to? Do you know anyone within the same industry? If you do, don’t hesitate to reach these sources. These opinions are often invaluable and can inform you about the important details that often won’t reach public eye such as renumeration, approach towards holidays, working hours and much more. These details might be important in terms of making your decision if you’ll get a job offer at the end so if you have an opportunity to speak to someone – do so!

Calm your nerves by preparing well

Make sure to get ready the night before departing for your interview, Prepare your outfit and your route, allowing for any delays that might occur. Getting a good night’s sleep is imperative to the way you feel and therefore present yourself at the interview. If possible, arrange your interview earlier to avoid needless overthinking. It’s always useful to bring a notebook, pen and copy of your CV to take notes and if necessary, hand a copy of the CV to the interviewee.

Being well-prepared will alleviate some of the stress by allowing you to focus on the interview process itself. Remember to smile and try to appear confident in front of your potential employer. Even if the opportunity is not for you, it’s a good practice for the your next interview!

Ask questions

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Typically, at the end of your interview you’ll have an opportunity to ask questions. Use that time to not only project an interest into the organisation you’re applying to, but also to clarify some of the confusing or never-discussed aspect of the role such as renumeration, employee assessment or expected schedule. Your questions will change the nature of the interview from one-sided to mutually benefiting conversation and will most likely create an impression of yourself as a valuable potential employee.

Ace your Job Interview!

Whether you’re looking for new opportunities or already scheduled your next interview, following these steps will help you stay calm, confident and prepared to perform well at your next job interview and kickstart your career!

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