The process of finding new suitable recruits for your business can be time-consuming costly and difficult. Human resource departments are often under an immense pressure in order to find the candidates that not only have required qualifications but also fit within the company culture and have potential to stay within the business long enough in order to drive it forward.

That’s why many businesses chose to use the an intermediary in a form of a recruitment agency.

This way of recruiting has a number of benefits that can relieve a lot of pressure on your internal HR department as well as identify the best talent possible.

This approach can also save your company money by handling different stages of the hiring process such as initial selection, interview and securing an acceptable renumeration between the parties.

Throughout this article we’ll have a look at the benefits of using a recruitment company to find your next best talent.

Ability to identify and assess new talent.

Recruitment Agency Interview

Many businesses choose to create their own in-house recruitment process, believing that a company-based recruiter will have more expertise of company culture and as a result will be able to better pin-point a potential candidate.

While this approach seems logical, it’s limited terms of potential reach, access to the relevant industry recruitment and current salaries. The recruitment agency uses detailed and thorough process of screening in order to present only the best and qualified candidates for your business.

Specialised Sector Expertise

A specialised agency will have a dedicated team related to your industry and can utilise their expertise, resources and existing industry connections in order to find the best candidate for your role. They know their industry inside-and-out and are happy to use this knowledge in order to find a perfect match for your business.

Recruitment Agencies also have an access to a number of candidates who are not actively looking for a job but wait for an opportunity that’s perfect for them. If a perfect job shows up, the will be notified and the process of screening and interviewing will start, saving time for both your candidate and yourself.


Solution for Temporary Vacancies

If you’re looking for a temporary candidate, the best way to go forward is with a recruitment agency. Every agency has an access to a pool of temporary workers, allowing you to recruit them quickly in order to use their services as-needed. Furthermore if your temporary employee performs well, there’s always an option to keep them within the company!

Saved Time and Cost-Effective Recruiting

If your company is not hiring regularly, the agency is the best option for you, It can relieve you from coordinating the occasional recruitment drive by your in-house staff and paying an additional salary of a dedicated recruitment manager. Agency services can be utilised as needed, saving you administrative costs. Additionally you will save time browsing through endless applications, negotiating salaries and preparing the necessary paperwork. All you have to do is show up and prepare for the interview!

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Advertisement Capabilities

Recruitment agencies have more capabilities of advertising your roles on the open market. In order to reach a vast number of candidates and they invest heavily in paid advertising as well as e-mail marketing. They use a number of paid services provided by companies such as Indeed, CV Library and many others. Social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are also used to reach a wider pool of candidates.

In addition , the agency will make sure your job advert looks right! From the correct formatting, spelling and a clear way of presenting your requirements it will make your business feel more professional and attractive for your ideal candidate.

Find Your Next Best Talent

If your company is struggling to find reliable and perfect candidates, recruitment agency is your perfect solution. This method can save you time, money and will relieve you from the bothersome elements of the recruitment process. All you have to do is to be present at the interview and pick the best candidate for you!

Here at Industrial Work Solutions we can help to find the best candidate for your business! We’ve provided businesses with suitable candidates for over 20 years and the expertise of our recruitment consultants is second-to-none.

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