Changes to HGV Training rules

The Government announces the process of reviewing the changes in the compulsory training of HGV Drivers in order to provide improvements, decrease the financial burden on drivers and tackle the ongoing driver shortage in the country. 

Currently, drivers have to attend a 5-day compulsory training every 5 years in order to ensure they comply with the road safety standards and remain fully qualified to drive the HGV vehicles. 

However, the drivers often have to pay for that training out of their own pocket. This acts as a deterrent to many drivers entering the industry. 

This requirement was also regulated by the EU and as a result of Brexit, the Government is keen to look at possible improvements in order to remove the cost barrier for the potential drivers. 

Plans to improve facilities

The Government is also looking into the necessary improvements of the amenities available for lorry drivers across the country – particularly at the lorry parks. The improvements would include temporary toilets, showers and catering.

These measures follow the £32.5m funding announced by the Chancellor in order to improve the roadside parking and facilities for the lorry drivers. 

glasgow motorway

Driver Shortage News

Due to the streamlined process of obtaining the license, the number of weekly tests available has increased by 90%. Skills bootcamps announced by the government will also aim to train up to 5000 additional drivers.

DVLA processed over 40.000 applications per week with 1350 more tests than normal being available. With the exception of cases requiring additional medical checks, these applications are being processed within 5 days.

However the government’s extended visa scheme only processed 20 applications so far, deeming it vastly unsuccessful.

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