What is the Greater Manchester Clean Air Zone?

The Clean Air Zone will come into effect on May 22nd in the area of Greater Manchester. The Zone aims to reduce the amount of nitrogen dioxide emitted by traffic to comply with the legal limits of emissions.

The zone will introduce daily charges of entry for non-compliant vehicles. The charges would cover the period of 24 hours. 

Fees for Non-compliant HGV Vehicles

From the May 22nd, non-compliant vehicles will have to pay a daily charge of £60 to travel within the zone if:

  • The vehicle is an N2 or N3 articulated vehicle – articulated or rigid HGV, flatbed lorry, two-axle lorry, motorcaravan with HGV tax classification or motorised horsebox. 


  • The vehicle has an Euro V or earlier diesel engine.

Failure to comply will end up in the fine and the daily charge (£60 + £120). The zone will be monitored by an automated number plate recognition camera network. 

Funding Help for HGV Vehicles.

Two lorries on the UK Road

Since the 30th of November, Local HGV drivers within the Greater Manchester area can apply for funding if their vehicles need to be upgraded or retrofitted to comply with the Greater Manchester Clean Air Zone.

Greater Manchester secured £120m of funding to help local organisations, businesses and people to move into cleaner and more eco-friendly vehicles. This includes £7.8m of funding aimed specifically at upgrading the fleet of local HGV Vehicles.

Funding will be focusing first on micro-businesses, self-employed, sole traders, charities, social enterprises and private owners of non-compliant vehicles.

The second round of funding will consider all other eligible owners of non-compliant vehicles including Small businesses.  

The application form and vehicle checker for the funding are available here.

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