Gateway to the Irish Sea

Heysham Harbour opened in 1904 and to this day serves as the main connection between mainland UK, Isle of Man and Ireland. It also acts as one of the most crucial freight ports located on the Irish Sea coast. 

The port alongside two nuclear power stations to this day provides one of the main employment centres and is a lifeblood of the local community and economy. 

Here’s our overview of the port features, accessibility and its role within the supply chain. 

Heysham Port features

The port benefits from the excellent rail and motorway connections known as the ‘Bay Gateway’, connecting it with nearby Lancaster and the M6 motorway. 

This makes it extremely convenient for the freight operators to transport the goods to and from the harbour and the access to nearby industrial estates and main centres of employment.

The port also enjoys 24 hour access for the vessels regardless of the tide level as well as RORO operations, warehousing solutions, infrastructure, parking and automotive facilities in order to simplify and keep the supply chain running smoothly. 

Various ferry services operate between Heysham, Ireland, Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man. Visit the Heysham port website here for more information. 

Supply Chain

Prior to the Coronavirus Pandemic, Heysham’s port role in the UK supply chain increased drastically throughout the last decade. Heysham port moved over 4.500 thousand tonnes of cargo in 2019 compared to only 3.500 in 2010. 

The area around the port is also home to numerous freight companies utilising their extensive HGV fleets to deliver the goods across the country as well as numerous other industrial and warehousing facilities.

Bay Gateway

Since the opening of the Bay Gateway in 2016 the 4.8km route provided much faster access to the Heysham Port and the Nuclear Power Stations as well as neighbouring industrial estates such as White Lund and a number of freight companies operating within the port area. 

The road also benefited Lancaster by reducing the congestion in the City Centre by rerouting all HGV Vehicles towards the new route. The local community benefits from the road by having bigger access to the main employment hubs and increasing investment in the area. 


Heysham Port and the neighbouring areas offer plenty of opportunities for the candidates wanting to work within the driving, industrial, technical, construction or engineering sectors. The current demand for supply chain services is unprecedented which reflects on the ever-increasing investment and standard of living within the area.

Northern England relies heavily on the services provided by the Heysham Port. If you’re looking for a career opportunity in this area feel free to contact us!