HGV Driving Licence changes announced

In a bid to save Christmas, the Government has announced a ‘streamlined’ process of obtaining a valid HGV Driving Licence for the new candidates, potentially increasing the number of tests by 3000 per week. 

With the passable rate of 56% that would mean 1600 new drivers entering the workforce weekly. However the industry claims that introducing new drivers would not solve the problem due to the increased insurance costs and the fact that the new drivers need to be supervised by an experienced driver for up to 10 weeks after passing the test.

Latest Developments

Hospitality and Retail Industries still suffer from the significant supply shortages, causing shelves to appear empty and restaurants to run limited menu options due to the lack of supplies. 

empty shelves

Drivers also report that increased time behind the wheel is significantly affecting their well-being and it’s not a long-term solution to address the shortages.

The measures introduced by the government are as follows:

  • Car Drivers will not have to take an additional test to tow a caravan or trailer
  • Reversing exercise test is to be removed.
  • Uncoupling and recoupling exercise for vehicles with trailers is also to be removed and will be tested separately by a third party
  • It will be quicker to obtain a license for an articulated vehicle without the requirement of license for the smaller vehicle. 

RHA Actions

The RHA still presses the government to put HGV Drivers on the list of ‘skilled workers’ allowing the workforce from the European Union to plug the shortage gap but also notes that even that would not allow us at this point to cover the Christmas demand.

RHA also recognises that winter weather conditions will further the supply issues and will bring the supply chain ‘’to its knees’’. Immediate action needs to be made to address these issues by allowing the European Workers to drive in the UK.

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