The derelict site of the Frontierland Fairground was bought by the Lancaster City Council for an undisclosed sum. The western-themed fairground was closed in early 2000s and all of its rides were sold or dismantled following the decision. The site was operating for over 90 years with a number of redevelopments aiming to increase footfall across the site.


Local Council Plans

Local councillors called for a discussion about how the site could be developed in order to complement the creation of the project Eden nearby. 

 “Following the failure of the most recent private sector plans to redevelop Frontierland there was a real possibility that the site could once again be mothballed.

“It has been left to decay for long enough already so the council felt it had to step in and pursue its own redevelopment plans to provide long lasting economic, social, and environmental improvements.

“By owning the land, we now have the potential to use the site to help drive the reinvention of the town and there are a number of options available to capitalise on the renewed interest developers are showing in Morecambe.”

“We also want to make sure that the community is at the heart of the vision for the site and will be providing Morecambe’s communities with the opportunity to give us their views throughout the process of designing our plans.”

Some of the ideas for the site’s development include; an ice rink, hotel, conference centre or public park with space for events, festivals, art exhibitions and more.

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