Current Driver Shortage Figures

Currently over 100.000 drivers are needed to satisfy the needs of the supply chain in the UK. Over the last few weeks the shortages started to impact the general public directly with many product shortages and sights of empty restaurant shelves reported all over the country.

In order to combat these issues many retailers decided to create incentives for drivers or simply increased their pay to the levels we haven’t seen in years.

Two lorries on the UK Road
Two lorries on the UK Road

Recent News from the Industry

It has been reported that the dairy manufacturer Daira had to cut its deliveries by 25%

John Lewis decided to raise the salary of the lorry drivers by £5000

Mothers and Veterans are urged to apply to become bin collectors

Some of the BP’s petrol stations are temporarily closed due to the shortage

Government pressured to recruit EU workers.

Logistics UK has asked the government to reassess their decision not to grant the temporary work visas for EU drivers. The impact of Brexit hit the industry hard – with many drivers returning home and creating a massive gap in employment as a result. 

This has caused the supermarkets to throw away tonnes of fresh food and created a critical situation within key supply chains of the country.

Future of the supply chain

While the government introduced some changes regarding the working hours and increased funding for apprenticeship levy, according to the industry experts, these long-term changes are not addressing the current shortage issue which without the help from the EU might get progressively worse. 

On a flipside – It has never been a better time to join the haulage industry. With the soaring wages and many incentives to join, it has been reported that some drivers can earn up to £1000 per week. Many companies compete for good drivers, so if you’re looking for a career in the haulage industry visit our vacancies page.