New faster service

New online tachograph card service allows lorry, bus and coach drivers to apply for their card without the hassle of paper forms and wait times. 

The new service launched by the UK government allows drivers to obtain, renew and replace their cards through the newly launched online portal available here.

No more waiting

The new 24/7 service will drastically shorten the waiting time for the drivers. While the paper applications had an average time of 10 days, the digital service will have the card issued within 24 hours from after the application has been submitted.

What do you need?

In order to apply online you’ll need:

  • British Photocard Driving Licence
  • Driving Licence Number
  • Credit or Debit Card.

The cost of application varies depending on the service

  • £32 for the new card
  • £19 to renew or replace lost or stolen card
  • £32 to change EU, EEA or NI card to GB tachograph card.

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