What is the Business Health Matter Programme?

The Business Health Matters Programme is set to improve the mental and physical health of the employees in the local businesses across Lancashire.

The Programme aims to deliver relevant training, health screenings and interventions in the workplaces to ensure that staff is happy, healthy and more resilient to everyday workplace challenges.

The programme consists of two projects, adapted throughout the county starting September.

Workplace Health Screening

The Health Screening programme aims to upskill local gym and leisure centre staff in order to provide mental and physical screenings across the local businesses.

The programme will focus on the 50+ age group working in local SME’s that suffer from lower productivity due to poor employee health

Screenings will be delivered by well-trained specialist partners, incorporating the physical screening tool developed by UCLan School of Medicine as well as mental health evaluation supported by Lancashire Mind.

Participating businesses will be offered tailored interventions, aiming to support their employees well-being and increasing overall productivity and resilience in the workplace.

Workplace Health Champion Training

Workplace Health Champion Training programme will support people aged 18+ who are employed in order to gain the necessary skills needed to advance their career.

The project aims to deliver free level 2 and 3 qualifications training in Workplace Health to drive a positive mental & physical health change within their respective organisations.

The programme aims to create a community of passionate and well-trained Workplace Health Champions who, along with the programme’s delivery partners will create a positive impact on the well-being of the employees.

For more information about the project visit the official website here.

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