North West site shortlisted for the new fusion energy plant.

Over 15 locations across the country have been shortlisted as a potential site for the new plant, including Heysham. 

The Heysham location, supported by the ‘Bay Fusion’ – a collective of companies, universities and local government bodies will progress into the next stage of the government’s research. This will include a thorough technical evaluation performed by the UK Atomic Energy Authority.

The winner is expected to be chosen by the Secretary of the State in 2022.

Government’s STEP Programme

The government’s STEP programme is set to design and construct the world’s first prototype of a fusion energy plant. The plant is set to be operational by 2040 and is hoped to contribute to the government’s plea to reduce carbon emissions by 78% in 2035.

The fusion technology is capable of producing a high amount of clean electricity, by copying the energy processes occurring in our sun. The government aims to successfully commercialise fusion energy to meet the future needs of the country and combat climate change.

Potential Benefits for the region

The project is set to contribute significantly to the region by providing an array of highly skilled vacancies as well as the development of a low-carbon environmentally friendly supply chain.

It will also contribute heavily to the significance of the Morecambe Bay area as a leading region in the development of new technology and efforts to stop climate change.

The project would attract billions of pounds of government’s investment. Much of this would end up supporting the local community through opportunities for local businesses or direct community investments and training.

For more information about the project visit official STEP Programme website here.

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