What is ‘Made Smarter’?

Made smarter is a government-led initiative taking place in the North West. The project aims at providing businesses with impartial technology advice and aims to optimise and introduce the businesses to the technology allowing them to increase productivity and revenue 

The North West Pilot

So far, the programme has engaged with over 1000 businesses in the North West by providing them with technical advice, digital transformation workshops, leadership programmes and digital technology internships. The programme will create several highly-paid opportunities in the local area as a result of the businesses adopting the new technologies and qualified staff.

It is projected that the programme will deliver an additional £138 million in gross value to the North West economy in the next three years as well as create hundreds of new jobs and upskill opportunities, furtherly accelerating the commercial growth of the businesses involved and increasing the competitiveness of the region.

New £8 million investment in the innovation.

After the successful pilot in North West, the programme was granted additional funding of £8 million. The initiative is set to expand to other areas such as North East, Yorkshire and Midlands, furtherly providing businesses with access and training in digital technology. It is also hoped that the programme will help with reducing the emission levels created by the SME’s in order to comply with the UK governments commitment to reduce country’s carbon emissions.

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