Central Lancashire Local Plan

The Central Lancashire Local Plan – as presented by the councils of Preston, South Ribble and Chorley – is set to transform the local landscape and ensure opportunities for local development and investment opportunities. 

Housing is the top priority. Therefore, various sites are being chosen for industrial development. This will provide employment opportunities throughout the North West, as reported by Lancashire Business View.

Proposed Locations

One of the proposed sites is in South Ribble. The planned business park is set to hold various warehouse, industrial and office facilities providing employment and investment opportunities in the local area.

The larger site is planned to occupy a vast area in Cuerden. A mixture of industrial, office and manufacturing sites will occupy an area of 65-hectares. It is set to be a main business hub of the project.

Benefits of the Proposal

Central Lancashire benefits greatly from the proposal. It provides excellent transport links with the rest of the country through major road links: M6, M65, M61 and M55 and strong railway links. This will allow easy access to the logistic network, as well as reducing the cost of transport for the potential employees.

The relatively low cost of living – combined with the high level of education within the local population – will make this project a very attractive opportunity. Skilled workers and investors will benefit from the proposal.

Central Lancashire Local Plan – When to expect it?

Government set a deadline of December 2023. If successful, the plan is set to run until approximately 2036, creating thousands of homes and lucrative employment opportunities for the local population. This will put Central Lancashire back on the UK map as a significant investment hub.

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