It’s no secret: finding a job can be overwhelming. There are many things to consider for each application, interview and trial. But look no further – we’re here for you.

The first step to kickstarting your career is to write a successful CV. This blog post will list and explain 5 simple steps to make any CV spectacular. Your solution, our pleasure.

1. Keep it Short, Personal and Professional

To write a successful CV, ensure you are succinct and to the point. Employers have multiple, if not hundreds of applications to read, so make sure it’s no longer than 2 A4 pages.

Be true to yourself and write a personal statement. To grab their attention, include a small paragraph outlining the ways you’re suitable for the job, but keep it professional.

This means leaving out any unnecessary information that doesn’t relate to the position. Remember to be brief and only write about personal skills that make you suitable for the job. We all have hobbies – they make us interesting and likeable – but it’s best to leave these for the interview.

2. Use a Template

Online templates are a great way to make your CV stand out. In the age of technology, it might not be enough to write your CV on Microsoft Word. Instead, try filling out a template with your personal information. There are lots online to download and use for free!

An extra piece of advice: avoid using colour in large quantities. On the whole, colour is used to highlight important pieces of information – not for decoration. It’s best to use simple colours, such as black and white, when writing a professional curriculum vitae. 

3. Tailor

No two jobs are the same. Therefore, it is important to tailor your CV for each individual application. Read the job description and highlight all of the important information. Look out for keywords and phrases, such as teamwork or leadership skills, and use these in your CV. This will highlight the ways that you match the job requirements.

This also applies to your employment history. You may have years of experience in a multitude of sectors, and although all work is valued, it’s best to include the most relevant. Even better, write a few sentences outlining what you learnt from the job and how this has prepared you for the role you’re applying for. And remember to keep it succinct!

4. Check for Mistakes

After you’ve written your CV, read it once, read it twice and read it thrice. Check for mistakes in every line and word. Employers don’t expect outstanding vocabulary, but they will notice spelling mistakes and take this into consideration when hiring.

Struggling with your spelling, grammar, syntax or punctuation? Take a look at Grammarly, an online Wizard that will help you achieve a clean and crisp CV.

5. Remember to include References and a Cover Letter

A successful CV will include: a personal statement, contact information, relevant skills and achievements, employment history and education.

It is also important to include a list of references and their contact details. This will usually be a company number and email – but remember to ask for permission before sharing their information!

Alongside this, including a cover letter with your job application is strongly advised. This is a fantastic way to stand out from the sea of applicants and showcase your talent in more depth. As always, remember to tailor it, check for mistakes and keep it short, personal and professional.

There you have it – 5 simple steps to writing a successful CV. Once you’ve written and proof-read yours, go to the IWS website and browse our latest vacancies here. To speak to a member of the IWS team, ring 01524 840622 or email info@industrialworksolutions.co.uk today! Your solution, Our pleasure.