LGV Drivers
LGV DriversI want a driver who will look after my customer, my load, my unit, and do the job properly!!

Its nice to get someone who can secure the load properly

Why didnt he ring me if he wasnt sure????

Saved me a nightmare because he has operated a fridge and knows when it has stopped working properly on a night out

as long as he knows his CPC regulations and doesnt put my O license at risk
These are all things we have heard before and probably will again but to us its not about providing a driver, its about providing a driver that helps you rather than causing you other issues. We will always work to provide you with someone who you can trust to do the job as you would do it yourself. Thats why our clients always ring us first. Please feel free to ring and see how we might help you.
Warehouse Operatives/ Production workers
Warehouse Operatives/ Production workersIf you are looking to recruit general operatives for your business, either directly or via another supplier, then please phone your local office and see how we can help you. We do things differently and make the whole recruitment process about you as the client and your preferences. We offer an alternative and fresh approach to the so called "churn and burn" practices which are sometimes used by agencies to just fill your vaciancies with the wrong people just so the agency reatins the booking and keeps all your work until they find suitable staff. If we do not have enough people to cover all your vacancies who are suitable we would rather you sourced some from us and some from elsewhere. That way next time you would know the people we offered were up to the job and met your requirments. To us its all about reputation.
Technical Staff and Specific Vacancies
Technical Staff and Specific VacanciesWe all know how difficult it can be to recruit good technical staff, and the emphasis there is on the word "good"
The best people are all working. when companies downsize, they dont get rid of their best workers, and so we offer a service where we can actively look to recruit on your behalf for people who otherwise you might not have access to.
Also if we can't find a candidate you want to hire there is no cost at all, and if we do find you the perfect worker for the job, then subject to our termp to perm introduction scheme there is no transfer fee at the end of it (terms and conditions apply)
So what have you got to lose, give us a call to see how we can help you employ the people your business needs